Awnings Center is one of the pioneer companies in Jordan which is specializing in designing and installation of membrane and tensile structure.
Awnings Center was established in 1993 , at first we were working on providing umbrellas, awnings, retractable awnings, tentsand parking systems. Later in 2000 we began to involve tensile structures in our projects we have the ability to carry out projects from designing stage, analyzing and to installation and delivery, we dedicate our hard work and enthusiasm to meet customer needs starting from designing membrane and tensile structures according to their vision, through 18 years of experience, the Awnings Center provides membranes, which have high specification capable to bear bad weather conditions, high temperatures and contains U.V protection.
This experience which we gained during the course of our work enabled us to own a professional engineering staff with specialty in tensile membrane structure software, that gave us the ability to do distinct work and to be creative in Tensile field in Jordan on solid base.

We serve

our customers through Design, analysis & calculation, and also for those customers who want only engineering work without installation we can provide them their demand with an acceptable cost.
we import the initial materials such as PVC & PTFE & HDPE from the largest and best factories in the world such as Verseidag Indutex(Germany) , Ferrari(France) , HDPE (Australia) come with product warranty, and we also provide warranty and maintenance to our work