Designing and Full Engineering Work

We provide our customers designs that combine beauty and functionality, the efficiency of our engineering team and their persistence to satisfy the customers made our work well known to a lot of customers in Jordan and Middle East, especially in the United Arab Emirates, our qualified engineering team designs membranes, tensile structures, and tents with a according to their customer vision, and they are capable of providing the customer with complete finalized design according to safety conditions and the purpose of the tensile structure.

Membrane Structure

Membrane structures or tensile structures are distinguished by the high tension stresses through the structure which makes the design process more unique than ordinary structures. Materials used by our company in this kind of structure are PVC, HDPE and PTFE.


Our services include shop drawings, steel fabricating, fabric patterning, fabric sewing and PVC high frequency holding.
The PVC material we use is imported from Verseidag Company in Germany: 
PVC specifications vary respectively to the size and purpose of the work, but generally PVC is: 
* Exceptionally flexible 
* UV resistant
* Mold resistant 
* 100% water proof 
* 11 colors available on selected ranges.


The Awnings Center offers a comprehensive and responsive maintenance service. This service covers the maintenance of various structure types:
* Fabric structures.
* steel structure.

Awnings & Tents

We provide classic entrances; shading awnings and tents are illustrious by their great quality and elegant designs, other than providing shade and protection, awnings have also developed as artistic and advertising vessels.
Awnings can serve a building for many years, a retractable awning is one of the best investments that you can make for your patio, doors and windows or your home, with a retractable awning you expand the outdoor space of your home so that you can sit beneath the awning at any time of the day and have shade from the UV rays of the sun.


Our team is capable of installing large tension structures and we can safely and quickly execute your tension structure.